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Maeda Mini-Crane for Rental at Access Hire Middle East

Welcome to the future of mini cranes, now available for rental at Access Hire Middle East.

With the ability to operate safely in confined spaces while providing the capacity of a full sized machine, the Maeda mini crane range is suitable for many different applications to lift materials. The advanced level control systems available within the compact sized crane, that can fit through single doorways, provides the ultimate accessibility for all your lifting needs.

Access Hire Middle East offer the complete range of Maeda products including Mini Cranes, Mini Knuckles and Crawler Cranes to offer a solution for every lifting job.

An All Round Industry Solution.

The Maeda mini cranes are suitable for many industrial applications as a specialist lifting solution. Their wide array of hook accessories such as vacuum lifters for glass and cladding makes it easy to lift various materials quickly and efficiently. Our cranes allow operators to work safely both indoor and outdoor, with some models running off electric and feature rubber tracks that do not damage fragile flooring which is ideal for indoor jobs.

The knuckle cranes offer up and over capacity making it easier to perform many tasks that are hard to reach with a regular straight jib crane.

Use the Maeda Mini Cranes for projects including: Steelworks, Construction, Roofing, Industrial Maintenance, Civil Engineering, Power Stations and Aero operations.

Strong Yet Lightweight Crane for Rental.

With a lift capacity ranging from 0.995t to a massive 6t, these high performance cranes can complete heavy lifting jobs easily in small spaces. Some models are also capable of lifting from as much as 140 meters below machine level.

Larger models of the Maeda mini crane range feature extendable outriggers that can be adjusted to suit even the most uneven grounds with self-levelling functionality to operate cranes anywhere with no fuss.  

Compact For Operations and Transport

Safe lifting is now possible in confined and restricted access areas with the addition of Maeda mini-cranes to the Access Hire Middle East fleet. Internal lifting is made easy with the crawler cranes having a slim working footprint as they have no outriggers, and other models feature narrow carriages that can fit through single doorways. Small, environmentally friendly and producing zero emissions, the electric models are the solution for all your indoor lifting.

The small size and lightweight features makes these machines easy to transport, with some models able to be towed on a trailer behind a standard car. An automatic hook stowage system removes the need to anchor the hook during travel, and loading and unloading is made easy with gradeability of up to 23 degrees. Larger models can be taken apart and reassembled onsite for ease of travel.

Easy to Operate Cranes

Maeda have used the latest innovation and technology in their cranes for the ease of the user. Remote control operating is a standard feature on all models of mini canes and mini knuckles with a fully intuitive LCD panel allowing operators to programme instructions into the machine. The high maneuverability with increased stability and low ground pressure makes these machines easy to control. An unrivalled build quality and usability, Maeda cranes stand out from the competition.

The addition of Maeda mini cranes, mini knuckles and crawler cranes is yet another step Access Hire Middle East has taken to becoming the one stop shop for renting equipment. Give us a call today on 800 888 HIRE(800 888 4473) to find out more about our mini crane range and how we can help your next project.