New Mobile Solar Lithium Ion Battery For Global Rental

Global Power Battery Storage (GPBS) announces the addition of Solar Lithium-Ion Backup Generators to their fleet, now available for global rental and sale.

With models ranging in 60, 80, 100, 250 and 500 KW outputs, there is a bi-energy trailer-mounted solar generator to suit every project.

This new generator provides green and efficient power that is produced by eight 330W solar panels on the unit. The power generated through the solar panels is stored in the latest lithium-ion battery technology, withholding more power for longer compared to other battery storage systems on the market. As a Solar Bi-Energy Generator, there is also a backup diesel engine when assistance is required.

Clean, silent mobile solar generator with lithium-ion battery storage. Available in 60-500 KW.

As a self-charging model, the GPBS Solar Bi-Energy Trailer-Mounted Generator is ideal for mobile applications for operations off the grid in remote areas. This will be the first trailer mounted generator available on the hire market, an easy to use and easy to transport power solution to all locations across the world.

The strict quality control undertaken during the manufacturing process ensures product quality for total reliability in many environments, with the ability to perform in the most extreme climates.

To find out more about the Solar Bi-Energy Trailer-Mounted Generator, call 800 888 4473 today.